Bavarian Africa

Displaying Bavaria at the Made in Germany Africa Trade Fair

The Second Made in Germany – Africa Expo, took place from the 14th to the 16th of March, 2024, in Addis Ababa,with the aim of improving economic ties between Germany and Africa. Co-organized by Trade and Fairs Consulting GmbH and the German Embassy in Addis Ababa, the trade fair served as a platform to showcase German companies and products, facilitating connections with African partners and consumers.

The inauguration of the fair commenced with a speech by the Deputy German Ambassador and distinguished speakers from renowned German institutions such as GIZ. Over the course of three days, the expo hosted various panel discussions on current topics. Among the highlights were sessions addressing Business Opportunities in East Africa, the Role of German Institutions in Promoting Private Sector Development, Training for Success: Professional and Vocational Training with and for the Private Sector, Women Empowerment – German Support and Initiatives, and German Solutions for a Global Green Energy Transition, among others.

Participating for the second time, the Bavarian Office for Africa used the opportunity to exhibit its contributions across four cooperation areas: development, economic, scientific, and cultural. Engaging with a diverse audience from civil society organizations, private enterprises, and public sectors, the Bavarian Office highlighted Bavaria’s multifaceted contributions. While Bavaria is often recognized in Ethiopia for the European football giants Bayern Munich, the expo shed light on Bavaria’s rich industrial landscape, boasting global brands such as Adidas, BMW, MAN, Allianz, and Audi, as well as many hidden champions driving innovation in sectors like aeronautics and biotechnology.

Through eye-catching displays juxtaposing Bavaria’s modern and traditional faces, coupled with targeted promotion of investment and trade opportunities, the Bavarian Office showcased Bavaria’s footprint in Ethiopia. Through this process, we were able to establish relationships with potential partners, as the office works to strengthen the Bavaria-Africa bond, contributing to mutually beneficial collaborations and economic growth.

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