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The Free State of Bavaria (Germany) boasts many opportunities in terms of investment, work, research, study as well as leisure. Each year, an increasing number of people from near and far choose the many advantages the region at the heart of Europe has to offer.

Invest in bavaria

Bavaria is one of Europe’s and indeed the world’s most advanced, innovative, and dynamic economic regions. With a GDP of €610 billion and an export volume of €168 billion (which equals a 53.5% export quota) in 2020, it ranks as the sixth-largest economy in the European Union. In terms of purchasing power, Bavaria even ranks second in the EU.[1]


While Bavaria is home to global players like Adidas, Allianz, BMW, and Siemens, the backbone of its economy is a vibrant population of medium-sized enterprises, many of whom are acknowledged world market leaders. Bavaria’s advanced and strong manufacturing sector and its role as Europe’s leading ICT hub puts it at the forefront of cross-industry digital innovation – in areas such as autonomous driving, AI, IoT, cybersecurity, and AR/VR. It is therefore an ideal base for national and international B2B tech leaders as well as for start-ups.


Invest in Bavaria, the Business Promotion Agency of the State of Bavaria is your first and competent interlocutor if you are looking to invest in the Free State. Free of charge, it accompanies and supports you all along the way from the planning stage up to the actual implementation of your project.

work in bavaria

Bavaria has one of the strongest economies in Europe and enjoys an excellent reputation all over the world as a leader in state-of-the-art technology. Its GDP per resident is one of the highest in the world and its employment development outranks all other German states, offering the best perspectives for jobseekers. As such, Bavaria has a very low unemployment rate with only 3.9% as of March 2021, compared with a national average of 6.3%.[2]


Bavaria owes much of its economic success to a highly qualified workforce and its world-class vocational and academic education system. The rising demand for qualified and skilled personnel represents one of the biggest challenges that companies from Bavaria face today. They can however count on a wide range of locational advantages in the competition for bright minds, not least the high quality of life in the Free State. Why not work in an area where other people spend their holidays? Moreover, Bavaria’s above-average and long-term growth trajectory paired with the development of cutting-edge technological advancements across its industries translates into high-quality, well-paid jobs and excellent employment perspectives for the future. Simultaneously, Bavaria’s traditionally very strong SME sector provides interesting jobs and career opportunities.[3]


If you consider moving to Bavaria for a job, you may consult the Federal Employment Agency which is present in every town and district in the Free State with its ‘Job Centers’. The Agency offers professional services free of charge to interested individuals or companies. In addition, numerous private providers offer specialist services, from the recruitment of specific professional groups to the brokering of management staff.


Since 2012, highly qualified non-EU citizens applying for “in demand” jobs can apply for the EU Blue Card, which fast-tracks them to a residency (work) permit. The IHK Foreign Skills Approval (IHK FOSA) is the national competence centre of the German Chambers of Industry and Commerce for the evaluation and recognition of foreign vocational qualifications. IHK FOSA accepts applications for recognition and examines them in order to determine to what extent the foreign qualifications can be considered equivalent to corresponding German qualifications. The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research offers a website with all pertaining information, steps, forms, and useful tips regarding the procedure of obtaining an official equivalence to foreign qualifications.

Research & study in bavaria

Bavaria is one of the most popular places in Germany and indeed anywhere in Europe and the world to study or conduct research. With its diverse landscape of top-class universities, educational institutes, research institutes, and state-wide innovation networks as well as considerable investments from the public and private sector, opportunities are plentiful.

There are a total of nine state-run comprehensive universities and 24 universities of applied sciences in Bavaria, including the notable Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich (LMU) and the Technical University of Munich (TUM), which have both excelled in national, European, and global university rankings for a number of years. Numerous renowned research organisations are also headquartered or have establishments across Bavaria, such as the Max Planck Society, the Fraunhofer Societies and Institutes, the Helmholtz Association, and the Leibniz Association.


Apart from the large variety of top tier higher education institutions with an outstanding international reputation, studying and researching in Bavaria has many added advantages:

Career opportunities: Bavaria has one of the strongest economies in Europe. Many international companies are based in the Free State, opening up job opportunities for highly skilled international graduates. Students can gain practical experience and make valuable business contacts throughout their studies.


Free tuition: Bavaria’s state universities offer top facilities and free tuition. Students are only required to pay a small administrative fee every semester as education in Bavaria is predominantly financed by the government.


Dedicated support for students and researchers from abroad: Every Bavarian university has an International Office (“Akademisches Auslandsamt”) that is dedicated to the welfare of international students and researchers. A team of highly skilled and friendly advisers help students and researchers with any questions or problems that might arise as well as organise special events and programmes dedicated on them.


International education: Bavarian universities offer a very international education and are proud of their numerous partnerships with other universities, research institutions, and businesses around the world. There is also an ever increasing number of degree courses that are entirely taught in English.[4]

Are you an international student looking for information on universities and life in Bavaria? Browse through the different university profiles or use the course finder to explore the numerous study options available to you. Find out how to apply for different degree courses. See what Bavaria has to offer in terms of sports and leisure opportunities and read tips on finding accommodation, setting up health insurance or making new friends at university. Have fun and start planning your future now!

Are you considering doing your PhD in Germany, looking for a postdoc position, or searching for a professorship? Bavaria is the place for you! Join the international research community here — and call Bavaria home!

Visit Bavaria

Breath-taking nature, historic towns, unique customs and traditions – Bavaria has it all! The beautiful setting even inspired Walt Disney, who modelled his famous Sleeping Beauty Castle on Schloss Neuschwanstein, hidden away in the Bavarian alps. The castle, built by eccentric King Ludwig II, is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Europe today and definitely worth a visit.


Visiting Bavaria however means discovering a state with an enormous variety of different regions and cultures. Wherever you go in Bavaria, every corner of the state offers something different.


More than 20 million national and international visitors come to visit Bavaria every year which makes the Free State by far the most attractive tourist destination in Germany.


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